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Youth is the only time to acquire knowledge, that will be useful in the meridian of life, and enable you to fulfill the duties through life with honor to yourself & usefulness to that society with whom you may be placed—Having discovered the great benefit resulting from education, your application will be redoubled to obtain it, & you are sure to succeed.
–Andrew Jackson to Andrew Jackson, Jr., 27 November 1827

We believe in the value of education.

Today, The Hermitage shares Jackson’s belief in the value of education with a wealth of excellent and challenging educational opportunities for K12 Groups, Lifelong Learners, Youth Leaders, Homeschool and Scouting groups and Educators.

Explore the broad spectrum of our educational resources!

Program topics range from life in the 19th century and Andrew Jackson’s presidency to civic education. Methods include facilitated dialogue, visual thinking strategies, inquiry and project-based learning. In addition to programs for students, we provide annual teacher training workshops that explore a variety of topics.

  • K12 Education

    Teachers can choose from several ways to experience curriculum-based, hands-on programs—onsite, online or in class.

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  • Lifelong Learning

    Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage provides educational engagement for adult education programs, senior communities, university groups and non-traditional education communities.

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  • Youth Leadership

    The Hermitage embraces its role in developing leadership skills among our nation’s young people, who are eager to take on leadership.

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  • Homeschools and Scouts

    The Hermitage offers fun and engaging educational opportunities to homeschoolers and scouting groups, who value independent learning and free-choice activities.

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  • Teacher Training

    Teaching Andrew Jackson and Jacksonian America is an exciting challenge. The Hermitage is proud to host training workshops and partner with organizations to examine Jackson’s relevance in a larger setting.

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