Mansion & Grounds

Home of the People's President

The Mansion

The Hermitage Mansion During the Day

Andrew Jackson purchases the Hermitage.

Nearly every facet of Jackson’s life revolved around his mansion at The Hermitage. It served as much as an office, gathering hall and place for entertaining as it did as his home.

The mansion has now been carefully restored with most of Jackson’s original belongings.

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Garden & Grounds

Path Through the Flowers at The Hermitage Garden

The Hermitage garden and grounds hold the stories of the livelihood and lifestyle of the Jackson’s family; foremost is The Hermitage cotton plantation.

Today, the grounds continue to offer a retreat for visitors as they did for Jackson and his family.

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Jackson's Tomb

The Tomb of Andrew Jackson at The Hermitage

Andrew Jackson visited Rachel’s tomb everyday in the gardens she so loved until his health made it unmanageable.

Today, Jackson rests alongside Rachel and other family members here at The Hermitage.

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The Hermitage Grounds

Illustrated Map of The Hermitage Mansion & Grounds

View the grounds and explore Jackson’s 1,000+ acres of beautiful scenery and historic architecture.

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The Hermitage Enslaved

Slavery is part of American history until 1865 that should not be ignored. We realize that slavery and racism are directly tied to each other. Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage supports racial justice. We do not stand for racism, and our desire is to bring to light the stories of the enslaved workers who lived at The Hermitage during Jackson’s time. We believe it is our responsibility to educate our visitors on the past to make better decisions about our present and future in terms of equity and justice. Then, we will be able to pave a better way forward.

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