Accessibility & Assistance

We want everyone to enjoy their experience at The Hermitage, so we work hard to keep it accessible to guests with special needs. We welcome visitors with all abilities to explore this historic site.


  • Wheelchairs are available free of charge for those unable to walk around the grounds.
  • Motorized and non-motorized wheelchairs are welcome in the mansion; however, the size of the interior spaces prevents the use of motorized scooter chairs.
  • Assistance animals are always welcome.
  • Printed mansion and audio tour scripts are available for those with hearing impairments.
  • The film is also closed-captioned.


  • The Andrew Jackson Visitor Center, including theater, exhibit gallery, Museum Store and cafe are completely accessible for guests in wheelchairs.
  • The Hermitage pathways are smooth asphalt, and there is a ramped entrance to the garden.
  • The Hermitage mansion is accessible on the first floor, and a photographic tour of the second floor is available for our visitors unable to climb stairs.


For visitors who do not speak English, The Hermitage has printed translations of the mansion tour in Spanish, German, French, Russian and Japanese. The Hermitage welcomes foreign language interpreters.

For visitors with visual impairments, braille and large print site brochures can be checked out at the Audio Desk. The brochures also include touch-sensitive maps of the property.

For visitors with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other neurodivergent conditions, we provide a Visual Schedule and a Social Story to orient and guide your visit. Quiet space is usually available at the Cabin-by-the-Spring terrace, the Education Center porch or along the Nature Trail. Copies of the Visual Schedule and Social Story can be borrowed from the Information Desk.

Contact us with any questions about specific accessibility or assistance needs for your visit to The Hermitage.

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