Andrew Jackson's Hermitage

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Join us again next spring for “The Duel – Art of the Southern Gentleman” only at Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage. In this 30-minute long new visitor experience, guests will not only hear about the story of Jackson and his famous duel with Charles Dickinson but also defending your honor in the antebellum South. What was the process of a duel? Why did people choose to duel in the first place? All of these questions will be answered along with an ACTUAL dueling demonstration by our historic re-enactors. You never know, you may get picked from the crowd to participate! “The Duel” will return next spring.

Fun for all ages included with all general admission tickets. Join us at the home of our 7th president…..and remember, keep your friends close…and enemies closer.

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Andrew Jackson

Tough as Old Hickory

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