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Rachel and Andrew Jackson Tomb Cleaning and Repair Project 2021

We are pleased about a long-awaited and much needed cleaning and repair project for the tomb where Rachel and Andrew Jackson are laid to rest. From now until mid-summer, major cleaning of the columns, floors, steps and more will take place using low pressure steam, laser ablation and chemical poultices. In addition, the copper roof of the tomb will be coated with a sealant to prevent copper salts from staining the stone of the tomb. The sealant will make the roof a few shades darker. Lead joints will replace failed sealant joints.

If you visit during this time, please note that the tomb will be shrouded to prevent damage to eyesight from the laser ablation cleaning system that will be in use.

Funding for this project comes from the Historic Preservation Fund, administered by the National Park Service, Department of the Interior and the Tennessee Historical Commission, as well as by private donations and insurance.

We are excited to unveil the clean, repaired tomb in a few short weeks and look forward to sharing it with you!



Wine Tasting at Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage

Natchez Hills Winery at Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage offers guests the experience of enjoying and learning more about the 7th President’s historical ties to wine while tasting wines made locally here in Middle Tennessee! Staff will guide you through a tasting of different varietals, educating new wine drinkers and sharing stories with the seasoned connoisseur.

Enjoy indoor and outdoor seating overlooking the beautiful Hermitage grounds or take a wine slush to go for a walk around the property. No matter what kind of wine you enjoy, there is something for everyone at Natchez Hills Winery at Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage.



Join us for the 120th annual Spring Outing

A Nashville tradition that began in the early days of the Ladies’ Hermitage Association as a picnic on the mansion’s lawn, Spring Outing has evolved into one of the major events held at The Hermitage and regularly features nationally known speakers who present on a variety of topics, including politics and history.

The 120th annual Spring Outing will be held virtually on Wednesday, May 19. This year’s program, “Glimpses of My Grandfather, The President,” will offer stories, insight and perspective on what it means to have a U.S. President in the family tree.


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