Jacksonian Gazette

A Good Start…and A Great Legacy: Annual Fund 2017

We have lots to be thankful for at the start of 2017! Many of you sent Annual Fund gifts during the first half of our fiscal year (July – December), and your generosity is continuing strong in January. Each donation supports our mission to preserve, educate and inspire!

We have LOTS of plans for the remainder of our fiscal year (January – June) as we commemorate a great legacy. Andrew Jackson’s 250th birthday is March 15th! We’ll host a wide range of events, programs and activities for all ages. Jackson and The Hermitage are at the heart of the American story. Known as “the People’s President,” Andrew Jackson understood that a growing democracy gave the American people power to forge a strong union connected by common values.


-NATIONAL TREASURES will be preserved to help tell Jackson’s story-

-STUDENTS will learn more about how their nation grew as a world power and a beacon of hope-

-VISITORS FROM AROUND THE WORLD will be inspired by Jackson’s legacy that held a nation together and put the good of its people as a foremost priority-

If you’ve already made an Annual Fund gift this year – THANK YOU. Maybe you’ll consider another gift in commemoration of Andrew Jackson’s 250th birthday!

We hope ALL of you will contribute to the Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage Annual Fund before June 30. Jackson’s story is important! Help us share it with more people, in more compelling ways, for more positive impact!

Donate here!