A Hot Hermitage Summer

Dear Friends,

Have you visited Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage this summer?

With 1,120 acres and no shortage of distinctive programming, there is something for everyone at The Hermitage this season! Historians, pet lovers, sports fans, trivia enthusiasts and everyone in between will want to explore our lineup of summer events.

Life in Jackson’s Tennessee – July 20, 21

Dog Days at Hermitage – July 27, August 31

Hermitage Homeschool Day – August 2

Road to the White House – August 17, 18

Presidential Trivia Night – August 29

Summertime at The Hermitage is one of my favorite times each year. Not only because of the activities to which our members and guests look forward but also for the opportunities it presents to reflect. On July 4, we observed A Presidential Fourth, a celebration of our nation’s 243rd birthday complete with multiple readings of the Declaration of Independence, lawn games and birthday treats courtesy of Kona Ice. We also commemorated June 8, the day on which President Jackson passed away in 1845. This year, we debuted a new temporary mansion exhibit, Farewell General Jackson. From June 6-10, guests experienced the mansion as it would have appeared immediately following Jackson’s passing and learned about his lifelong health struggles and search for medicinal remedies. Both events were impactful reminders of our nation’s rich history and the leaders who shaped it.

There is plenty of time left to enjoy summer at Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage, and I hope you will make plans to visit. You will find more information below about additional events, programs and promotions designed to ensure your next visit is the best yet!

Best regards,

Howard J. Kittell
President and CEO