Jacksonian Gazette

A Letter from our CEO – Veteran’s Day

Veteran’s Day provides an opportunity for each of us to reflect on and show our gratitude to the women and men who have given of themselves to defend our nation’s independence and through them our freedom as individual Americans. With increasing frequency, I see people publicly thanking our service members who are in uniform. This display of gratitude is always touching. But Veteran’s Day also provides the opportunity to look back from the present and remember those individuals who have sacrificed for our country for more than two-and-half centuries. In active defense of the United States during a time of conflict, in policing capacities, and in humanitarian roles, these individuals have put themselves in harm’s way for each of us and our families. We are the beneficiaries of their collective sacrifices.
This year, it has been a tremendous privilege for us at Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage to partner with the Donelson-Hermitage Exchange Club to produce the “Field of Honor” at our 7th president’s home. This display of more than 1,000 American flags on view from November 11 through the 13th in the “Victory Field” is a tangible representation of our gratitude and respect for our service members past and present. We are honored to help the Exchange Club in its important work and show of patriotism.
President Andrew Jackson viewed his military service as a crowning achievement of his life. Of all his accomplishments, of which there were many, he valued being appointed a general in the U.S. Army most highly. Even as president, he wanted to be referred to as general. He chose this title to be inscribed on the cover stone to his grave. It reads simply “General Andrew Jackson” accompanied by his birth and death dates. He valued defense of and service to his county as vitally important. One of my favorite – and most moving – of his quotes reads:
“I thank God that my life has been spent in a land of liberty and that He has given me a heart to love my country with the affection of a son.”
What more needs be said.