Jacksonian Gazette

A Letter from our CEO


If you are reading this issue of the Gazette, thank you! Either you have visited Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage in person and gave us your contact information, visited our website and requested additional information, or made a donation (hooray!).  Or, in some way expressed an interest in this wonderful presidential site.

Presidential museums are important components of the historic and cultural tapestry of our communities and nation.  Each site provides a glimpse into the history of our remarkable and complicated country during a specific administration – the advances, setbacks, triumphs and failures in our never-ending quest for a more perfect democracy.

Presidential sites, such as The Hermitage, are especially important places of learning and perspective during challenging election-year cycles such as the current one. When Americans are asking themselves ‘how did we get here,’ or ‘where are we headed,’ these museums offer up tangible, three-dimensional, experiential places to step back, be inspired, be astounded, and understand the perseverance, hard work, and courage it required to forge a new type nation.

Please make a return visit, either virtually or, better yet, in person.

Again, thank you!

Howard Kittell