Andrew Jackson Foundation Trustees Council Meets November 17th

The Trustees Council for the Andrew Jackson Foundation met Thursday, November 17th at the Belle Meade Country Club. The Trustees Council is made up of past Andrew Jackson Foundation board chairs and trustees as a way to keep them updated on what is happening at The Hermitage and keep engaged in our mission of preservation, education and inspiration. This reception was chaired by George and Ophelia Paine and had an attendance of more than 25.

Mike Koban, Carol Yochem, Darryl Yochem, Ophelia Paine

Marianne Byrd, Cathy Thomas, Irwin Fisher

Marees Choppin, Walker Choppin, Pam Koban, Mary Wade

James Haltom, Claire Haltom, Bob Thomas, Emily J. Reynolds, George Paine

Elizabeth Papel, Sallie Norton, Frances Spradley

Becky Cowart, Michael Shane Neal, Dick Cowart, Don Barrett, Tom Hand

Ashley McAnulty, Mary Catherine McAnulty, Phil Ponder

Andrew Jackson Foundation Trustees Council Reception