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Free Resource: Archaeology at The Hermitage

Archaeologists Work To Excavate More of The First Hermitage

What Can Students Learn From Archaeology

When you think of archaeology, does your mind drift to Indiana Jones? What about your own home?

You can tell a lot about someone by the objects they own or have owned, and that’s the basis of Archaeology at The Hermitage. Based on our actual ongoing archaeological excavations at The Hermitage, students can use deductive reasoning to examine the lives of the people who lived at The Hermitage.

Our free Archaeology at The Hermitage guide:

  • Examines the purpose and process of archaeology.
  • Invites students to explore the idea of deductive reasoning in a hands-on environment.
  • Reveals facts on the lives of 19th century Americans – both white and enslaved.

Download Archaeology at The Hermitage

Download the Archaeology at The Hermitage thematic unit for vocabulary, a presentation outline and suggested activities to educate your students about archaeology and the role it plays in telling the story of our country.

Download Archaeology at The Hermitage

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