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Assassination Attempt on Andrew Jackson

Last week marked the 180th anniversary of Richard Lawrence’s failed assassination attempt on Andrew Jackson.  It was the first time in United States history that someone had tried to kill the man in our highest office.  On this episode of POTUS7, Lead Historic Interpreter Trey Gwinn and Historic Interpreter Matthew Chambliss examine the two times that Jackson faced physical violence while president.

Music by Bleak House – “Biology Slides” and Jason Shaw – “Hoedown”


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  • cgberube

    LT Randolph was exonerated for the financial discrepancies via a court of inquiry. Jackson exceeded his role by drumming him out of the service regardless. Randolph had assumed the duties as purser on USS Constitution after Purser Timberlake died in the Mediterranean. Timberlake’s wife Peggy then married John Eaton. Based on the research for my doctoral dissertation, Jackson released Randolph from the service simply for being tangentially tied to the Eaton Affair.