Jacksonian Gazette

Battle of New Orleans

January 8th, 2017 marks the 202nd anniversary of the Battle of New Orleans. On the plain of Chalmette, Louisiana, Andrew Jackson and a mixed force of U.S. troops, including volunteer militia from Tennessee, Kentucky, Louisiana and the Mississippi Territory, free blacks, Creoles, Native Americans, and even a band of pirates, held back a larger, better trained and better equipped British force. Against all expectations, Jackson and his troops protected New Orleans from the very same empire that had just defeated Napoleon’s forces in Europe. The victory catapulted Jackson to national fame and made him one of the earliest heroes of the young United States.


To celebrate this year, join us for our celebration and remembrance of this historical day!

Battle of New Orleans 202nd Anniversary

Sunday, January 8th, 2017

Free General Admission


Meet War of 1812 Militiamen and hear about their experiences with General Jackson

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Wreath-Laying Ceremony at Jackson’s Tomb