Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage Digital Resources

The Andrew Jackson Foundation is dedicated to increasing the public’s understanding of the life and times of Andrew Jackson, discussing the relationship to events of today and inspiring citizenship and pride in our nation. Using digital resources, The Hermitage is committed to providing educational tools to continue its mission, even during its closure. With digital tours of The Hermitage mansion and other historic buildings, video interviews with our curatorial staff and executive leadership team, blogs that provide a deeper insight into Jackson and his era and teacher resources that can be used at home, we hope these tools will provide understanding, encouragement and a love of continued learning outside traditional classrooms.


Virtual Visits

Check out all of our virtual visit videos, including tours through The Hermitage mansion, historic garden, Hermitage Church and more. Plus, video interviews with our own subject matter experts provide insights not found anywhere else.



Read our blogs written by our curatorial team, who delve deeper into aspects of Jackson, his family, our founding members and the Jacksonian era.


Teacher Resources

Learn about our thematic units—organized programs specific to various subjects within the Jacksonian Era. The Education Department at Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage designs programs to meet the curriculum standards endorsed by the Tennessee Department of Education, Metro Nashville Public Schools and other national standards.



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