Andrew Jackson’s formal education may have paled in comparison to his predecessors in the White House, but that never stopped him from seeking out the best schools for his adopted son and the many wards he fostered. Jackson always pushed his family to excel in their studies.

Today, The Hermitage shares Jackson’s belief in the value of education with a wealth of excellent and challenging educational opportunities for school groups, children on summer break, scouts, teachers and adults.

For more tour information on our K-12 education programs or to make a reservation for your school or class, contact our education director. Due to schedule demands, education groups must have a minimum of 15 students.

Class Prices

$11/student ($7/student for Title 1 schools, $13/student in Junior Docent Program)

$14/non-title I High School/College students

$18/adult; one free teacher/chaperone per ten students

Free/bus drivers

If you would like to reserve a Hands-On-History program or have questions about an existing reservation, please contact: [email protected]

Education Events

Presidential Primary Sources Project

January 21, 2021







It’s one thing for a student to learn about Abraham Lincoln from a textbook. It’s quite another to ask presidential historian questions about Lincoln’s youth. With the Presidential Primary Sources Project (PPSP), your class can engage in live, interactive discussions and use primary source documents to understand our nation’s presidents. Transport your students to places that helped shape past presidents’ lives. It’s easy to sign up for the PPSP, a free service, which is a partnership between Internet2 and the National Park Service.

Join Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage on January 21 for The Symbiotic Relationship of Slavery and Indian Removal. Students will examine the symbiotic relationship between Indian Removal in the Deep South and the growth of slavery through the use of primary sources. Recommended for grades 6-12.

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History at Home Virtual Classes

Every Tuesday from November 10 through February 23

Our education team leads History at Home, a web conference series every Tuesday at 10 a.m. Central. We explore documents and images and discuss topics that vary from week to week from November to March. As always, virtual classes are available for your group upon request.




Future Presidents of America Youth Leadership Camp

June 21 – 25, 2021

Join Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage for the inaugural Future Presidents of America Youth Leadership Camp! This innovative and engaging youth leadership camp develops individual confidence, civic literacy and good citizenship to reveal the exceptional qualities of character that make for great presidents and great leaders. Students will have the chance to meet and learn from area business and civic leaders as they demonstrate leadership skills in real-world settings.


School Programs

Children Work on a Project at The Hermitage on a Beautiful Day

We offer several ways to experience these classes. Take a class on-site at The Hermitage, via video stream or at your educational institution. See how you can engage our classes solo, with other visitors or pre-arranged for your group.

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Class Descriptions

Students on a Field Trip at Andrew Jackson's Hermitage in Nashville, TN

Explore the Jackson story through one or several of our specific classes to reach deep into American history and forge links between the past and the present.

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Teacher Resources

Various Paintbrushes and Art Supplies at The Hermitage

We invite all teachers and educators to view our Teacher Resources page, complete with pdf guides about several Jacksonian Era topics, field trip opportunities and a complete Teacher’s Guide to The Hermitage.

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