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Available Classes

  • Archaeology at The Hermitage Grades 3-6

    Half the fun of archaeology is to uncover items from the past. But, there is more to archaeology than just digging! Archaeology at The Hermitage uses deductive reasoning to teach students how to understand the value of the items they uncover in a simulated excavation based on actual archeological digs at The Hermitage.

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  • Christmas at The Hermitage Grades K-4

    Americans celebrate holidays that provide them with a common experience of tradition and an expression of the values which are most important to society. But different groups of people celebrate the same holiday differently, and this reflects larger differences in American society: class, race, economics, and labor. For Americans of Andrew Jackson’s day, Christmas games, crafts, foods, and decorations looked vastly different between the white slaveholding class and enslaved African-Americans.

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  • General’s Children Grades K-6

    No television. No computer. No phones. No modern day technology. What in the world did kids do to do stay busy in the 19th century? This program portrays the life of a child growing up at The Hermitage.

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  • I Spy the Past Grades 2-8

    Students must use all their senses in order to discover the purpose of the 19th century objects in this truly hands-on program. Utilizing those objects as a springboard to discuss daily life in Jacksonian America, students will discover just how different life once was!

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  • Junior Docents Grades 4-5

    The Hermitage’s most popular program is a special opportunity for students to perform as junior tour guides on the grounds of The Hermitage. Junior Docents interpret up to 30 stations on the property for visitors. The program encourages students to develop self-esteem, confidence and public speaking skills as they learn about Andrew Jackson and the history of The Hermitage.

    Because of the high level of demand for this program, The Hermitage strives to accommodate public, private, and home school requests as fairly as possible. Groups will be scheduled according to the following availability:

    September, October, April, and May–These months are reserved for public and private school groups of 15 or more students.

    March 20-31, June, August, November 1-10–These dates are reserved for home school groups of 15 or more students.

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  • Origin of the Specie: Andrew Jackson and the Bank War Grades 8-12

    When Andrew Jackson was elected President of the United States in 1828, he promised to reform the government. His first target was the Bank of the United States, whose constitutionality was uncertain. In a protracted battle over a national banking system, Jackson reshaped not only the nation’s economy but also the role of the office of the president.

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  • Slavery at The Hermitage Grades 4-12

    At the peak of The Hermitage’s success as a farm, Andrew Jackson owned about 150 slaves. How did one become a slave? How could widespread slavery happen in a country built on freedom? What was life like for a slave at The Hermitage? Students will discuss these questions and make a beaded bracelet in memory of the enslaved.

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  • The Corrupt Bargain Grades 4-12

    Drama! Intrigue! Scandal! The Presidential election of 1824 was the most hotly-contested election in early American history. The Corrupt Bargain takes an interactive look at the election that questioned whether our country is a democracy or a republic. Students will be able to see a revolutionary nation come into its own.

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  • The Importance of Andrew Jackson Grades 4-12

    There is plenty of debate about where Andrew Jackson ranks among the presidents and their impact on our nation, but there is plenty of evidence to suggest Jackson was one of our most important presidents. Examine the life and legacy of Andrew Jackson and how he still matters today.

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  • Trail of Tears Grades 4-12

    The removal of Native Americans from the East to the West is one of the darkest chapters in United States history. Students examine this event in the context of the founding of our nation to see how our citizens and government interacted with Native Americans. Students will learn not only how Native American removal happened, but why.

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  • War of 1812

    To a man of the 19th century like Andrew Jackson, a duel was more than a fight to the death. It was a means of retribution. It was a means of defending honor. Some view the War of 1812 as a duel with the British and the 2nd war of American independence, while others see it as completely unnecessary. Join The Hermitage, Home of President Andrew Jackson as we examine the War of 1812 through the eyes of men like Andrew Jackson, Francis Scott Key, and President James Madison. Students will learn about the War and why it was such a pivotal moment in American history.

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  • What is America K-2nd; 4th

    The United States of America uses symbols and protocol to reflect its national heritage, pride, and identity. Andrew Jackson’s role in the War of 1812 and his work as seventh President of the United States, gives him a unique relationship to these elements of our national heritage.

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