Hermitage Homeschool Days

Upcoming Hermitage Homeschool Days


Join us this year for our Homeschool Days! From learning military drills to celebrating the holidays at The Hermitage, our Homeschool Days are full of interactive activities and learning opportunities for the whole family! For questions, please contact Patrick Martin at [email protected] or 615-889-2941 ex. 241.


Admission to Homeschool Days is $48 per family, per date. This price includes four family members (1 adult + 3 children), including those under the age of five. Additional admissions may be added for the discounted rate of $18/adult and $11/student. Additional children under five are free.

Advanced ticket purchase recommended. Preorder your tickets here!

February 7: Nullification!

What motivates states to leave the Union? South Carolina first tested this question in 1832, over frustration with federal taxation policies and the Tariff of Abominations. Would you respond the same way Andrew Jackson did? Designed for middle and high school learners, this program explores the decisions and implications of the Nullification Crisis of 1832. Roleplay the major characters in this episode and decide what you think is best for the Union.

April 3: A Day in the Life: Women at The Hermitage.

Farming this plantation wasn’t just man’s work. Come see what life looked like for the women on the plantation as we explore the lives of Rachel and Sarah Jackson who organized and oversaw the work of the household and the enslaved staff who supported them. Learn about Gracy, Louisa, Hannah, Betty, and the many other women whose special skills kept people fed, clean, clothed, healthy, and wealthy.

June 12: Juneteenth!

Have you ever been the last person to learn something that everyone else knows? For the enslaved people in West Texas, news of Emancipation didn’t come until June 1865. Help us commemorate Juneteenth as a day to remember the enslaved of the United States by learning more about the enslaved at The Hermitage. Explore the Field Quarter, First Hermitage, the Triplex, and Alfred’s Cabin as you practice the tools historians use to learn more about enslaved people.

Homeschool Days program activities are from 9 am – 12 pm and include an interpreter-led tour of the mansion, self-guided tour of the Hermitage grounds, exhibit galleries, and film.  Pack a picnic lunch and eat at the tables available on the property, or eat onsite in The Kitchen Cabinet Café.


The Hermitage also offers Hands on History programs for homeschool groups of 15 or more students. For more information on Homeschool Days or Hands on History programs please email [email protected].

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