Teacher Training Workshops

Teaching Andrew Jackson and Jacksonian America is an exciting challenge.

These important years in our national history include the Revolutionary War, the Constitution, the War of 1812, the Era of Good Feelings, the rapid expansion of slavery, Indian Removal and the first threats of secession. Andrew Jackson, his family and his enslaved people occupy an intersection that allows us to explore all aspects of life in the United States from 1767-1845.

Teacher Training Workshops

The Hermitage hosts occasional teacher training workshops to increase your content knowledge and expand your skill set. We also partner with organizations to examine Jackson’s relevance in a larger setting. Partner organizations include the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta—Nashville Office, Metro Nashville Public Schools, Tennessee History for Kids and many others.

January 27: Tennesseans Who Shaped American Democracy

Join MTSU’s Teaching with Primary Sources staff and Hermitage educators for a workshop on Saturday, January 27, 2024 that explores “Tennesseans Who Shaped American Democracy.” Referred to in the 19th century as “The People’s President,” Andrew Jackson casts a very long shadow over the evolving definition of citizenship and democracy in the United States. Looking at examples from his personal and political lives, educators will explore different meanings of Jackson’s nickname and decide what we can learn from Jackson’s efforts to expand democratic participation in the United States. We will also look at Jackson’s supporters and detractors to better understand how Tennesseans viewed Andrew Jackson’s contributions to the nation.

Registration opens December 15. Tickets are $25. Lunch, materials and a certificate for professional development are included. For more information, call Erin Adams at The Hermitage at 615-277-4954 or Kira Duke at Center for Historic Preservation, MTSU at (615) 898-2605.


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A workshop can be provided upon request. Contact our Education Department for more information or to schedule a program.