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Andrew Jackson’s Bank War: A White House Crossroads

November 30, 2017

6:30 pm - 7:30 pm


First Amendment Center
1207 18th Ave S #200
Nashville, 37212



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OFF-SITE Event at Seigenthaler Center.

Andrew Jackson’s entry into the White House in 1829 was the most portentous presidential inauguration since George Washington’s.  Jackson’s veto of the Bank of the United States in 1832 set off a political “Bank War” that led to his censure by the Senate, provoked the formation of national Whig and Democratic parties, and redefined the role of the president for future generations.

The public is invited to hear Dr. Daniel Feller, professor of history at the University of Tennessee and Editor of The Papers of Andrew Jackson, as he explores the origins, events, and enduring legacy of Jackson’s Bank War and its impact on the White House.  Jackson’s assault on the banking system arguably helped trigger a major economic collapse in 1837.  But in posing an inherent antagonism between “the people” and the “money power,” he also introduced a powerful theme whose echoes resonate to this day.

Free Admission, Limited Space Available. Attendees may use the parking garage directly across from the First Amendment Center after 5:00 pm.

To RSVP for this event, send your name along with how many people to rsvp@thehermitage.com.