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Behind the Presidency

September 7

11 a.m. - 4 p.m.

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The Hermitage
4580 Rachel's Lane
Nashville, TN 37076



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Some things never change! Stop by and hear all about the politics and intrigue of Washington during Jackson’s presidency. From stump speeches to debates on contemporary affairs and election tampering to The Petticoat Affair, there was always something to keep the town buzzing!

Included with Admission

NEW Exhibit Opening!

The Hermitage will host a traveling banner exhibit entitled, Your Obedient Servant: James Monroe’s 1819 Presidential Tour of the Southern States. The exhibit, offered by the James Monroe Museum in Virginia, commemorates the bicentennial of President Monroe’s Southern tour, highlighting his visits to various states, including Tennessee. Exhibit will be on display September 5 – October 4. For More Information

Meet John Overton

Hear about the campaign trail and Washington intrigues from Jackson’s closest friend, John Overton. Judge Overton tells all the tales behind Jackson’s election campaigns in 1824 and 1828, from the damaging gossip about Rachel’s first marriage to the “Corrupt Bargain” that got John Quincy Adams elected.

Hosting the White House: Emily Donelson & Sarah Yorke Jackson

Find the niece and daughter-in-law of Jackson having tea on the lawn and sharing stories of their time as acting First Ladies for the widowed president. Emily Donelson tells her side of The Petticoat Affair, while Sarah Jackson gossips about her time in Washington and running the President’s home in Nashville.

Debating the 1832 Election

Are you for reelecting Jackson or his opponent Henry Clay? What are your views on the idea of renewing a charter for Hamilton’s National Bank? Join local Nashville citizens in debating the latest hot button issues of 1832.

Election Stump Speeches

Step up on the Stump! American political elections have always involved sharing news and debating the issues in the public square. Guests are invited to learn public speaking tips and have a civil debate with fellow citizens.

Make Your Own Campaign Poster

Learn how to hand stamp and design your own campaign poster for Jackson or your favorite candidate.



Slavery at The Hermitage

Saturday and Sunday, 11 a.m., 1 p.m., 3 p.m.  

Join us for a special walking tour of the enslaved community at The Hermitage. Staff will lead the tour to several key locations on the grounds, discuss the archaeology and research we have uncovered and share stories of the individual lives, struggles and achievements that took place here. Tour is approximately 45 minutes, beginning from the Triplex site, and offered rain or shine.

Jackson The General: A Gallery Tour

Saturday and Sunday, Noon, 2 p.m.

Jackson’s life before the Presidency included decades of complex military conflicts and various crises of leadership. Stop by the Andrew Jackson Center for a special exhibit tour as we discuss the various ways military life and war impacted Jackson and his views on the nation.