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Jackson’s Library Card Virtual Book Club

Tuesday, June 7

7 p.m. - 9 p.m.

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The Hermitage
4580 Rachel's Lane
Nashville, TN 37076



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Readers ages 16 and older are invited to join Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage for a monthly virtual book club! Grab a snack and your favorite beverage and then log into Zoom for an hour-long meet-up with fellow readers. Discuss that month’s selection, ask questions and get to know that book on a deeper level. Meetings will happen the first Tuesday of the month.

Books will be chosen quarterly and will include historical and modern works in both fiction and nonfiction. This is a fun way to engage with fellow readers worldwide. We look forward to diving in with you!

Reading List

June 7, 2022: America’s Bank: The Epic Struggle to Create the Federal Reserve System by Roger Lowenstein.

On the world’s stage, the United States was a laggard in establishing a central national financial system. Early efforts to create the Bank of the United States, and its successor, the Second Bank of the United States, was plagued by challenges of constitutionality and corruption. Andrew Jackson’s defeat of the Second Bank during his reelection campaign of 1832, and the subsequent panic of 1837, made the federal government bank-shy for another 80 years. Join us for a discussion of the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank and its origins in the Jackson’s Bank War. The book is available through most library apps and most major booksellers. A Kindle version is available.

July 5, 2022: John Quincy Adams: American Visionary by Fred Kaplan.

John Quincy Adams and Andrew Jackson are legendary for their animosity toward one another. But before the Election of 1824 and the Corrupt Bargain made them eternal enemies, the men had worked closely to advance the growth of the United States across the South and West. Fred Kaplan’s biography of Adams explores the little-understood sixth president, his life and accomplishments. The book is available for free through most public libraries and library apps like OverDrive and Libby. It can be purchased inexpensively from online book dealers and from major retailers. A Kindle version is available, and the audiobook is currently free with an Audible trial subscription.

August 2, 2022: The Presidents’ War: Six American Presidents and the Civil War that Divided Them by Chris DeRose.

Andrew Jackson faced the first real secession threat in U.S. history as South Carolina threatened to nullify federal law. His handling of the Nullification Crisis ended the immediate threat, but it signaled growing tensions between states and the federal government. Historian Chris DeRose crafts a compelling look at the presidents between Andrew Jackson and Abraham Lincoln, examining the actions of six different presidents–including Jackson’s own successor, Martin Van Buren—to influence presidential power and decision-making as the American Civil War looms. The book can be purchased from all major booksellers and is available in public libraries. An audiobook version is not available at this time.

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