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The Farewell Tour: Lafayette’s 1824-1825 American Journey

June 2

2 p.m. - 3 p.m.


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The Hermitage
4580 Rachel's Lane
Nashville, TN 37076



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Frenchman Marquis de Lafayette fought in the American Revolutionary War, distinguishing himself in battle and earning his reputation as an intelligent leader. He returned to France after the war but maintained strong ties with the leaders of the young country. In 1824, Lafayette accepted an invitation from President James Monroe to visit the United States. He was welcomed as a hero by cheering crowds as he journeyed through all 24 states. That 13-month journey is the focus of The Lafayette Trail, a Franco-American effort to document, map and mark the footsteps of Lafayette during his 1824-1825 Farewell Tour.

Join us to hear Julien Icher, founder of The Lafayette Trail, share his own fascinating American journey following the travels of Lafayette. Mr. Icher will focus on his efforts in Tennessee, zeroing in on the relationship between Andrew Jackson and Lafayette while discussing his experience traveling more than 22,000 miles across the United States almost 200 years after Lafayette’s fourth and last visit to his adopted land.

Julien Icher is a 25-year-old French geographer, web developer and historian enamored with the United States. He is the Founder and Executive Director of The Lafayette Trail Inc, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to increase mutual understanding between France and the United States and study the legacy of Lafayette both in France and in the United States.

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