Experience “The Horse Race: Gentlemen of the Turf” now!

You may know about Andrew Jackson’s reputation as a military leader, a statesman, a Tennessee planter and a president, but what about his reputation as a horseman, or a turfsman as they would be called? Andrew Jackson was recognized for thoroughbred horse racing and was at the center of the growth of the industry in Tennessee. Jackson even continued racing while in the White House.

Join The Hermitage for a new 19th-century interactive guest experience, where you will learn more about Jackson’s role in the most popular sport of his day and the men, women, gamblers and enslaved jockeys who made horse racing history. And you will have the opportunity to publicly (and loudly) bet on the outcome of one of Jackson’s most famous races, a heated contest between his prized horse Pacolet and his rival Haynie’s Maria. In this race, all bets are off. Visit The Hermitage to experience the bravado of the horse owners, the excitement of the wagering, and the story behind Jackson’s quest to beat Haynie’s Maria.


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