Andrew Jackson

Tough as Old Hickory

Andrew Jackson’s Life

  • Jackson’s Birth

    Andrew Jackson was born March 15, 1767, near Lancaster, South Carolina. His parents, Andrew and Elizabeth, along with his two older brothers, Hugh and Robert, emigrated from Ireland in 1765.

  • Jackson, Husband and a Father

    He legally married Rachel Donelson Robards in 1794. Andrew and Rachel Jackson had no biological children, but they adopted one of Rachel’s nephews and raised him as their own in 1809. Named Andrew Jackson, Jr., he grew up at The Hermitage but remained close to his biological brother and parents.

  • Rachel Jackson’s Death

    Rachel Jackson was a unique woman who supported Jackson in all of his endeavors until her tragic death at The Hermitage in 1828.

  • Jackson’s Presidency and Death

    Andrew Jackson served as the 7th President of the United States from 1829 to 1837. He died June 8, 1845 at the age of 78 at his home in Nashville, Tennessee.

  • Childhood

    At the age of 13, Andrew Jackson fought in the American Revolution and became an early patriot to the “cause”, but at the expense of his remaining living family. An orphan by 14, Jackson had to grow up fast, and he did so with a fire in his belly. more...

  • General

    General Jackson surprised the world with his victories in the War of 1812. Having proved himself a brilliant tactician and strategist with a no-fear attitude, America loved Jackson. And through the military, Jackson gained a renewed hope for the future of the United States. more...

  • President

    Andrew Jackson’s military conquests propelled him to rock-star status throughout the U.S. and set the stage for his revolutionary ideas and actions as president. The nation experienced a radical shift in leadership, assets and foreign affairs with Jackson at the helm. more...

  • Legend

    At times remarkable and others disastrous, Andrew Jackson just went for it. His aggressive spirit led to immense change for America as land was gained, debts were repaid, foreign relationships were strengthened and democracy began—Jackson truly acted for “the people.” more...

  • Family

    Although Jackson was orphaned as a teenager and fathered no biological children, Andrew Jackson’s marriage to Rachel Donelson brought him into her large family of brothers, sisters, in-laws, nieces and nephews. more...

  • Jackson's Papers

    Much of Andrew Jackson’s story is told through the letters and notes he wrote throughout his life at The Hermitage, on the battlefield and in office. more...