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New Visitor Introductory Film


A new 14 minute visitor introductory film will debut to the public on March 15, Andrew Jackson’s 250th birthday. Produced for The Hermitage by Cortina Productions of McLean, Virginia, the film will feature period art, interviews with notable Jackson experts, and live action sequences recreating important moments in Andrew Jackson’s presidency.  Tulip Grove Mansion stood in for the White House as actors portrayed Jackson, Andrew Jackson Donelson, Ralph E. W. Earl, Amos Kendall, Roger B. Taney, and James A. Hamilton.  Actor Patrick Gorman who has appeared in numerous films and television shows depicts Andrew Jackson. See his various film credits here.

The theater in the Visitor Center is being renovated to better accommodate our guests including a new screen for the film, which has been shot in wide-screen format.  The updates also include new sound equipment, seating, and carpeting.

Both the film and renovated theater will be open for public viewing on March 15th, Andrew Jackson’s 250th birthday.

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  • Patrick Gorman says:

    This introductory film really works. Of course, I’m prejudiced, but found it full of so much that creates curiosity and interest about Jackson and his times. It was an honor to participate. Wonderful documents and graphics. It will certainly whet your appetite for more and should help make your visit truly complete. Thanks for including me in this endeavor.