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Andrew Jackson and the Miracle of New Orleans by Brian Kilmeade and Don Yeager

The War of 1812 saw America threatened on every side. Encouraged by the British, Indian tribes attacked settlers in the West, while the Royal Navy terrorized the coasts. By mid-1814, President James Madison’s generals had lost control of the war in the North, losing battles in Canada. Then British troops set the White House ablaze. Into this dire situation stepped Major General Andrew Jackson to defend New Orleans.

If the British conquered New Orleans, they would control the mouth of the Mississippi River, cutting Americans off from that essential trade route and threatening the previous decade’s Louisiana Purchase. The new nation’s dreams of western expansion would be crushed before they really got off the ground. Jackson needed a miracle.  Few today remember the unlikely team of heroes Jackson assembled, including frontier militiamen, French-speaking Louisianans, Cherokee and Choctaw Indians, freed slaves and even pirates, who defeated the most powerful military force in the world.


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