Staff Spotlight – Heidi Wilhelm

Every month, we introduce one of our amazing staff members and give more insight on what it’s like to work at Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage. This month, we are spotlighting Heidi Wilhelm, our Guest Services Manager.

How long have you worked at The Hermitage?

  • I have worked at The Hermitage for 3 1/2 years.

Describe what you do in a few sentences.

  • My job as Guest Services Manager is all about the guest experience. The Guest Services team works together to help our guest have the best experience possible while visiting Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage. We assist with directions to destinations on the site, operate the Auditorium where we show the Jackson film, provide transportation around the property and assist guests with the Audio Tour. My job is to keep the Andrew Jackson Visitor’s Center running as smoothly as possible.

What is your favorite part about working at The Hermitage?

  • My favorite things about working at The Hermitage is how beautiful this property is during all the seasonal changes. I also work with amazing people!

What is one thing that has surprised you about working at The Hermitage?

  • I love to see a guest when they arrive to begin a tour, and they already have a predetermined idea of who Andrew Jackson was before they head out onto the property. When they complete their entire tour and return to the Visitor’s Center, their viewpoint has shifted when they can see the entire story of Jackson and learn new facts about him. It is fun to be involved in the change. I also enjoy meeting people from all over the world that choose to spend a little of their time in Nashville at The Hermitage.

What book are you currently reading?

  • I am currently reading What We Wish Were True by Tallu Schuyler Quinn.