Staff Spotlight – Richard Dreadon

Every month, we introduce one of our amazing staff members and give more insight on what it’s like to work at Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage. This month, we are spotlighting Richard Dreadon, our Chief of Security.


How long have you worked for The Hermitage?

  • I have been working here since summer of 2002.

What is your title?

  • I am the Chief of Security.

Describe what you do in a few sentences.

  • Security locks the buildings and grounds up at the end of the day after guests and staff go home, and we unlock and open things the next morning to get ready for staff and guests to arrive. We patrol the grounds during the day and at night for people who should not be here, any unsafe conditions we might come across and to assist staff and guests during the day or for night events. We interact with the guests a lot during the day and evening events answering questions and providing directions when they are needed.

How did you come to work at The Hermitage?

  • I was looking for some part-time work and saw an ad in The Chronicle of Mt. Juliet for part-time security on weekend days and applied.

What is your favorite thing about working at The Hermitage?

  • I like the grounds, being outside a lot and interacting with the guests.

What is something that has surprised you about working at The Hermitage?

  • I have done a little bit of everything working here. Security has to take care of a lot of things at night and on weekends when all of the Site Operations staff are off and most of the office staff are not here. I have also helped move curatorial items, herd livestock, some electrical and plumbing work, and I have helped archaeology as well. If you work here long enough, you will wind up assisting with tasks that are not within your department’s scope.