Staff Spotlight – Sjobor Hammer

Every month, we introduce one of our amazing staff members and give more insight on what it’s like to work at Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage. This month, we are spotlighting Sjobor Hammer, our Schools Coordinator.

How long have you worked at The Hermitage?

  • I’ve been here just three months!

Describe what you do in a few sentences.

  • I’m the Schools Coordinator, which means I’m mostly working with K-12 students and educators to plan their visits here to The Hermitage, from booking their field trips to teaching educational programs. My goal is not just to teach them about Jacksonian America but also to build museum literacy and create lifelong learners and museum goers.

What is your favorite part about working at The Hermitage?

  • There are so many wonderful things about working here, but my top two would have to be these: First, I work with such an amazing and supportive team. I came onboard at the busiest possible time and would not have gotten through without their help. Second would have to be how much there is to learn. Jackson is a complex and complicated person who intersects with so many facets of American history. I’ve really enjoyed getting to both learn and share these stories with our visitors.

What is one thing that has surprised you about working at The Hermitage?

  • I’m always blown away by how many visitors we have not just from around the country but from around the world! Plus, I will never not be surprised by the wildlife that shows up outside my office window.

What book are you currently reading?

  • Trail of Lightning by Rebecca Roanhorse


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