The Hermitage Collection: Battle of New Orleans

The U.S. victory at the Battle of New Orleans on January 8, 1815 catapulted Andrew Jackson into American stardom. People across the country celebrated and thanked Jackson by giving him commemorative gifts. Even gifts given later in his life often centered around the date, January 8th. Here are a few of the items in our collection:


This candle was taken at the surrender of Lord Cornwallis at the Battle of Yorktown. George Washington gave his officers these candles with instructions to light them every year on the anniversary of the battle, October 19th. John Nicholas, an officer in the Revolution, gave his candle to Jackson in 1832, requesting he light it every January 8th.

This sword was presented to Jackson in 1835 for the 20th anniversary of the Battle of New Orleans by Colonel A. L. Roumfort on behalf of a group of citizens of Philadelphia. The sword was made by Frederick W. Widmann of Philadelphia and depicts scenes from the battle.

This phaeton was presented to Jackson on January 8th, 1837 by a Committee of Democratic Republican Citizens of New York City as a retirement gift honoring Jackson’s continued public service, both military and political. It was made from wood salvaged from the U.S.S. Constitution (AKA Old Ironsides). Tragically, the phaeton was destroyed by fire in 1897, leaving only the metal frame.