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The Toast

In April of 1830, Andrew Jackson and other politicians of the day attended a party celebrating the birthday of Thomas Jefferson.  It turned out to be a contentious affair as politicians used their opportunity to give toasts advocating the ideology of Nullification.  Led by Senators from South Carolina, the Nullifiers believed that the states had the power to “nullify” federal law. However, Jackson had come prepared. He used his toast to make sure that everyone knew what his feelings on Nullification were.

George Peter Alexander Healy's John C. Calhoun

John C. Calhoun, one of the ringleaders of Nullification and the Vice President of the United States

On this episode of POTUS7, we’re trying something new and more ambitious than we’ve ever done before. We’ve taken the story of Andrew Jackson’s response and turned it into a radio drama we’ve entitled “The Toast.”

Interpreter Matthew Chambliss recording his lines for "The Toast"

Interpreter Matthew Chambliss recording his lines for “The Toast”

Our cast for this episode includes Partygoers Matthew Chambliss, Mike Cline, Hannah Howard and Erin Adams. Andrew Jackson was played by Jason Nelson. Greg Grimsley played John C. Calhoun. Robert Hayne was played by Akim Smith. And Martin Van Buren was played by Trey Gwinn. The music for this episode was Frederic Chopin’s “Cello Sonata in G minor” performed by Yeonjin Kim and Christopher Harding.

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