Audio Tour

Discover the stories of Andrew Jackson through our Hermitage audio tours, included in the price of admission. Learn more about Jackson’s farm and garden, the lives of the slaves and the many historic moments that took place on the plantation through museum exhibits and Jackson era artifacts. You will still enjoy the personal, interpreter-led tour of the Hermitage mansion and have the opportunity to explore the property at your own pace based on your particular interests.

Choose between the adult’s tour and children’s tour to begin your journey through The Hermitage.

Adult Audio Tour

The adult audio tours tell the story of Andrew Jackson in its cultural and historical context. Learn the significance of The Hermitage to Jackson’s life, Nashville, Tennessee, and our nation.

The tour was developed with the assistance of Antenna Audio of California who have produced award-winning tours for the Louvre, Alcatraz, Biltmore, Mount Vernon, Colonial Williamsburg, The Met, and Graceland.

Children’s Audio Tour

Led by Jackson’s pet parrot, an African Grey named “Poll,” the children’s audio tours present The Hermitage in a fun and engaging way. Hear the sounds of dancing, farm animals, music, and more!

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