Andrew Jackson: Born for a Storm

Andrew Jackson: Born for a Storm

This state-of-the-art, $1.1 million exhibit brings the rich story of Andrew Jackson’s meteoric rise from his humble beginnings to his presidency through bold visuals and a series of interactive displays. The exhibit focuses on the three pivotal stages of Jackson’s astonishing life: his modest origins as an orphan, his resiliency as a general and his visionary leadership as a President.

We promise—He’ll change your ideas about America.

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For more than 200 years, America’s seventh president, Andrew Jackson, has been a lightning rod that inspired, shaped and transformed America and our image of ourselves as Americans.

Without government favor or advantage of aristocratic birth, Andrew Jackson rose from humble circumstances to become an icon of a New America. After being hailed as a military hero in the Battle of New Orleans, he went on to win the hearts of countless Americans who hungered for a “people’s leader.”

This man of conflict and contradiction comes to life in a new multi-layered and engaging exhibit experience at The Hermitage that reveals some of the enormous contrasts, conflicts and contradictions in the man who reshaped America, and redefined American politics.

His charm, charisma and passion—his bull-headedness and intractability—are all present in this exhibit that goes to the heart of issues and ideas that defined the Age of Jackson—and still lie at the core of who we are as a nation today.