Hermitage Grounds Pass

On Thursday, June 11, Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage reopened its 1,120-acre site. Since closing on March 17, we have anxiously anticipated the return of our visitors and staff, and we are excited to be able to share this National Historic Landmark with you once again.

We will continue to prioritize the safety of all visitors, staff and volunteers throughout our reopening process. To provide an orderly transition while maintaining safety, our reopening is organized into three phases:

  • Phase 1: Grounds Pass only, with several restrictions
  • Phase 2: Grounds Pass plus, with some restrictions lifted
  • Phase 3: Full Access, with most restrictions lifted

The Grounds Pass allows visitors access to our 1,120 acres full of history and tranquil beauty—perfect for enjoying the outdoors in springtime weather while continuing to remain safely distanced. The grounds include a historic garden, field quarters, historical markers, wildlife and more. The Hermitage Mansion, Andrew Jackson Center exhibition and film and all other historic buildings will be closed.

Dogs are welcome with a grounds pass and are free to walk, run and play while leashed on our site. Please bring bags to dispose of pet waste.

For more information on our reopening plan, click here.