Vow Renewal Ceremony – Meet the Couples!

Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage is excited to host a Vow Renewal Ceremony Saturday, March 9, 2024, inside the historic Hermitage Church. Nearly 20 couples have signed up to say “I Do” again, honoring their relationship and recommitting to their spouses. The ceremony will honor the Jacksons’ nearly 40-year-long love story for the ages.

Follow along as we highlight and celebrate the couples’ love stories!*

Sharon and Shane | November 6, 2021

Sharon and Shane met while playing volleyball. The couple is participating in the vow renewal to keep their “it’s me and you against the world” motto fresh.

Jennifer and John | May 13, 1987

Jennifer and John were high school sweethearts. They eloped and were married. The couple is participating in the vow renewal, as they have been in a committed relationship the same amount of time as Rachel and Andrew Jackson were!

Beth and David | August 28, 1999

Beth and David started as co-workers. The couple is participating in the vow renewal as a special way to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary! The Canfields also got married at The Hermitage. . .where better to have their vows renewed?

Erica and Shawn | December 20, 2013

Erica and Shawn first met when she was taking headshot pictures for the Orlando Fire Department yearbook. She made quite the impression on Shawn, and he told his friends he was going to marry her one day. Six years later, the couple crossed paths again. However, Shawn was scheduled to leave for the Army six months later. Erica and Shawn had a long-distance relationship for a bit, but with a last-minute deployment to Iraq, Shawn didn’t want to leave without marring Erica. The couple is participating in the vow renewal because they never had the chance to have a real wedding. After celebrating their 10-year wedding anniversary, they thought it was a great idea to renew their vows in the state they now call home.

Michele and Steven | July 11, 1992

Michele and Steven both served in the Marines Corps and met while serving at Camp Lejeune. The couple is participating in the vow renewal as a renewal is something they’ve been hoping to do for a couple years. In addition, this event aligns with their love for history and connects to the start of their marriage since they visited the site on their honeymoon.

Diana and Jim | April 24, 1982

Diana and Jim met at a restaurant she was working at that Jim frequented. Eventually, he got the nerve to ask her to a movie! The couple is participating in the vow renewal because Jim wants to remind Diana she is the love of his life.

Danielle and Max | December 20, 2022

Danielle and Max met when she stopped at his place of work to visit with one of her friends. He told her friend he was attracted to her, and the friend had Danielle come inside to meet with him. She recalls, “He could barely speak to me he was so nervous. It was the sweetest thing.” The couple is participating in the vow renewal because the wedding they had dreamed of didn’t happen the way they hoped, and, as Danielle wrote, “You can never profess your love enough.”

Misty and Jeremy | April 13

Misty and Jeremy met through family. They decided to go on a date for Jeremy’s birthday and have been together ever since. The couple is participating in the vow renewal because they believe it will be a memorable moment for them to recommit to each other and their marriage.

Patty and Patrick | March 19, 2016

Patty and Patrick met through mutual friends online, as they lived in different cities at the time. Patty is using the vow renewal as a way to surprise Patrick with something special and to “brighten up our cold winter months.” All she told him was to be available on January 20th with a tux on! The couple views The Hermitage as a special and beautiful place.

Michele and William | December 5, 2016

Michele and William were co-workers who sat next to each other. After their first date, they realized there was mutual interest, and, as William wrote, “The rest they say is history.” The couple is participating in the vow renewal to re-affirm their commitment as they continue their lives together.

Brandy and William | November 17, 2015

Brandy and William met through mutual church friends. They are participating in the vow renewal as a way to reaffirm their love and vows to each other.

Sofia and Billy  | April 5, 2019

Sofia and Billy met in Fort Lauderdale, Florida at a country bar. Billy was a musician performing with a band, and Sofia was there on a girls’ night out. At the time, she was dating a musician. The couple crossed paths a couple more times. After she and her previous boyfriend broke things off, Sofia reached out to Billy – and the rest is history. The couple is participating in the vow renewal because it’s a special place to commemorate their marriage.

Misty and Stephen | January 15, 1999

Misty and Stephen met through her mom! Her mom had met him through a family friend, who thought the couple would be good together. Stephen went to see her at her work, but she wasn’t thrilled since she was super busy that day. However, he knew he wanted to see Misty again. The couple is participating in the vow renewal as a way to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary.

Jaderian and Ashley | November 12, 2016

Jaderian and Ashley met online. The couple is participating in the vow renewal because their wedding ceremony was planned in just nine days! Jade always wanted to get married at The Hermitage and says she can now “fulfill [her] original intention and have her dream wedding.”

Britney and Brett | June 22, 2013

Britney and Brett met through mutual friends at a social gathering. The couple is participating in the vow renewal to renew their commitment to each other and “remind each other of the various reasons [they] fell in love in the first place.”

Katie and Adam | September 17, 2005

Katie and Adam met at a university formal – each with a fiancé at the time. However, they became good friends, study buddies and recording partners. After they graduated college, when they were both single, they met for dinner to catch up and knew they were meant to be. Two weeks later, the couple got engaged. Katie has battled with cancer for the past 11 years – with Adam by her side. Katie wrote, “Knowing the high divorce rate amongst couples who deal with cancer over five years, we feel like we have something very big to celebrate in keeping our vows through the hard times. We have lived our vows every single day, even through the hardest days that most people couldn’t imagine. We want to make it known that marriage is a gift and can thrive when you feed it with love.”

Sandy and Norman | May 24, 2003

Sandy and Norman met at a local church. They are participating in the vow renewal to reaffirm their commitment to their journey together as life companions. The couple enjoys history and felt this event will be a special way to mark their relationship.

Donna and Alan | July 23, 2001

Donna and Alan met at work. Both are healthcare professionals. The couple is participating in the vow renewal because they view it as “an awesome historical experience to renew [their] special wedding vows.”


*Information taken from a survey that each couple submitted